Adderall as a tool for weight loss


As final exams are quickly approaching, and more and more students are faced with dreaded all nighters, and long days of studying, many turn to Adderall to concentrate.  However, with the hype of Adderall going around campus, I have discovered it is not just finals week when the narcotics are in high demand.  Many young women use the drug as a tool to stay thin, because Adderall decreases appetite.  By taking the drug the woman find they do not have to deal with cravings, eat less, and in turn, weigh less.  What they do not know, is how dangerous this weight loss tool is.  I have attached a link regarding Adderall as the “Speed Diet” and the dangers involved.  It discusses young woman faking ADD and requesting Adderall(and only Adderall) from doctors, and the benefits they gain.  What the young woman do not know, which the article explains, is that “Adderall is more famously related to crystal meth — both are amphetamines, though with different molecular structures”, and that taking Adderall in high doses on a daily basis will result in additction.  Addiction to Adderall can result in heart related deaths and strokes.  There are also a number of “undesirable side effects such as dry mouth, headaches, ‘fast heartbeat,’ and ‘trouble sleeping'”.

Adderall is not a smart weight loss tool, and yet again the idea of my blog is defended.  The key to weight loss is healthy eating and working out.

I would like to note though, that Adderall, when used properly and as prescribed, can be a helpful and beneficial for those who suffer from ADHD/ADD

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Girls in the weight room

Many college age females seem to be intimidated by the weight room.  I myself, and I know my friends fear the mass amount of boys present, and the fear of “bulking up”, and many of us avoid lifting weights at all possible costs.  However, many woman are failing to realize the importance of lifting weights, and that by gaining strength, we in turn raise our metabolism, and therefore do not have to spend long grueling hours on the cardio machines to achieve the same “bikini ready body”.

Shape magazine has an article regarding weight lifting and the benefits.  In the link are also other links to connect you to other weight lifting exercises, techniques, etc.  I invite you to take a look, and learn to engage this beneficial exercise.

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Staying motivated, despite the ice

As the icy chill of winter rapidly sweeps the air, I have found that leaving the warmth of my door room to get to the gym, is suddenly extremely unappealing. Not only do I have to gain the motivation to work out, but now I have to put on mass layers to prevent freezing during the seven minute walk in the bitter cold.  I am officially unmotivated to get to the gym and I am using the cold as an excuse to not workout.

My question is how can I get motivated again? I found this article in USToday that discusses the attitudes I am feeling, and how to regain the desire to workout.  It discussing wearing proper clothing in the cold(I suggest the North Face parka) to stay warm during the trip.  But, it goes on to explain techniques such as proper warm up, and staying creative in exercise.  It also promotes working out in the winter by discussing the positive benefits one gains from it, such as “lift[ing] your spirits during days of limited sunlight” and that “it can help make sure you’re in good shape when it’s time to pull out those shorts and bathing suits again.”  So, as it gets even icier keep working out, and make sure to bundle up, because the cold is never a good enough reason to not go to the gym.

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Eating disorders

Eating disorders.  As a Miami University student, it is a prevalent issue on a campus that is extremely materialistic.  It ranges from the girls spending hours at the rec, or the lack of females at the dinning halls, a large percent of woman on campus are too thin, or weight obsessed.  The question is why do the students feel the need to lose weight in unhealthy ways?  Why not follow ideas in my blog, eat healthier, workout, not binge on the weekends(which is a large amount of calories)?  These are questions I hope to discover the answer to, and maybe stop this epidemic on Miami’s campus.

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Final post


When I initially discovered my next English assignment would be a blog of my choice, I was almost humored.  How hard could a blog be?  Little did I know how much time, thought, and effort blogs require (if you want it to be good).  I came to discover quickly that the perseverance that my teacher spoke about so often was truly needed to maintain the blog.  But what I discovered was that after I got into “blogging mode” truly discovering my topic, it began to get easier.  I still find it difficult to come up with posts, or to develop the motivation to post sometimes, but it has gotten much easier.  I actually now have a daily method.  I tend to get my blog down, not worrying about graphics, linking to images, etc.  Then, once I have my words out, I go back and edit my post, making it visual appealing.  This forces me to get my thoughts out, rather than relying on the images.  Aside from the process, the other issue I struggled with, was the genre appeals.  I mastered the blogging, but because of my lack of technical literacy, I struggled making my blog reflect my topic.  I feel I know have finally, after a month, developed a page that not only discusses a healthy lifestyle, but also reflects one visually.  I did this by changing my title, by header, choosing blues as a color scheme (a calming color, I feel reflects healthfulness), and more.

I would like to note before turning my blog in, that I begin many of blogs in reflection of the day.  While I try to mix up the way I begin each blog, I find that when I myself read a blog, and the blogger does this, it draws me in, as I can relate to a similar experience.  For example, when I started a blog with, “Today, as I was getting my lunch I was faced with a daily question: “what to drink?”” I felt that a reader could relate to a similar situation.  While some may find this repetitive (which is why I try to mix it up), I feel as a blogger and reader, I like this approach.

My last thoughts regarding my blog are to reflect back onto my favorite and least favorite.  I would say my favorite post was “College Weekend Shenanigans May Help Decrease Freshman 15”, this post was by far the most humorous, all though it did not contain a lot of advice.  My least favorite post was, “Worst Restaurant Breakfasts”, I felt it was boring, and not that prevalent to my daily life, since I seldom eat at those restaurants.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and learn from it.  I put a lot of effort into it, and I can now officially say that blogging is one of the most difficult assignments I have ever been given.

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Virtual trainer

For those of you who struggle to develop a workout plan, I found this link, which may help you access your workout situation and form a plan.  It is a virtual trainer, that you can sign up for, for free.  The trainer gives personalized fitness routines based on what YOU need.  It also tracks progress and helps with eating habits.  I have yet to try it, but I hear it is an excellent tool.  Let me know if you try it, and your positive or negative feedback.

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Bad habits*

This article on describes 7 bad habits that are not healthy habits to have in one’s lifeI unfortunately found that I myself fall victim to many of these habits.  I know though, that many other college students attain some of these habits as well.  For instance, being the “weekend warrior”, reaps not just immediate issues such as sleep deprivation, and fatigue, but also has long-term effects.  Learning about the long-term negative effects, such as higher chances for diabetes and breast cancer, makes me no longer want to participate in my weekend shenanigans any longer.  I recommend you take a look at the other bad habits addressed.  You may learn something your participating in is really not worth it.

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